World Ports: Port Klang, Malaysia

Our World Ports information series now moves northwest from Singapore, up the Strait of Malacca, to Port Klang in Malaysia.

World Ports: Manila, Philippines

The next country we visit on our World Ports information series is the Philippines, starting with the country's largest and busiest harbour.

World Ports: Keelung, Taiwan

The Port of Keelung, or Keelung Harbour, is one of Taiwan's two major ports, the other being Kaohsiung. Keelung Harbour is situated on...

World Ports: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Our World Ports information series, covering the major shipping ports around the world, moves across the Taiwan straight, from mainland...

World Ports: Dalian, China

Dalian Port lies at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula in Liaoning province and is the northern-most ice-free port in China.

World Ports: Tianjin, China

The Port of Tianjin is the largest port in Northern China and the main maritime gateway to Beijing.

World Ports: Qingdao, China

Qingdao Port is situated near Jiaozhou Bay on the Shandong peninsula, neighbouring the Yellow Sea. It consists of four harbour areas.

World Ports: Ningbo-Zhoushan, China

The Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan is the busiest in the world in terms of cargo tonnage, handling 888.96 million tons of cargo in 2015.

World Ports: Fuzhou, China

Fuzhou Port acts as a national traffic hinge and is one of the trial direct routes to Taiwan appointed by China’s Ministry of Communication.

Incoterms Explained

Incoterms are there to protect both the supplier and the buyer and clearly define the terms of business agreed between both parties.

World Ports: Xiamen, China

The Port of Xiamen is an important deep-water port. It is ranked the 8th-largest container port in China and 16th in the world.

World Ports: Shantou, China

Shantou Port is a natural river seaport located on the coastline of east Guangdong Province and is one of the major coastal ports in China.

World Ports: Hong Kong, China

Located by the South China Sea, Hong Kong is a deep-water seaport dominated by trade in containerised manufactured products.

World Ports: Shenzhen, China

We look at the Port of Shenzhen, which is a collective name of a number of ports along parts of the coastline of Shenzhen in Guangdong.

World Ports: Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou Port is the main seaport of Guangzhou city, in Guangdong province. It is the departure point of the Marine Silk Road.