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Breaking News: Sulis Import Solutions partnering with EcomMark

Sulis Import Solutions is delighted to announce that we are partnering with EcomMark and their SaaS e-commerce platform - a digital ecosystem supporting listing and growing e-commerce brands for sale worldwide.

EcomMark provide assistance in preparing e-commerce brands' go-to market, so that they can realise their business’s true value. With their SaaS platform, EcomMark's team of world-renowned Amazon and e-commerce experts provide a single point of truth for a business' credentials, compliance, and business track record, giving investors assurance in a brand's true value and growth potential.

EcomMark offers an open communication buyer-seller platform, connecting e-commerce brands to digitised M&A process for a true open-source ecosystem. Buyers can filter and source their tailored investment criteria and sellers can timescale their listing (redacted) to the whole market with no affiliation no fees & no time pressure, enhanced with world-class Amazon guidance on exit process and value creation.

Sulis Import Solutions are EcomMark's partner Sourcing Agents for their SaaS platform, offering our International Product Sourcing, Order and Shipping Management and Supplier Compliance services to EcomMark's client base.

Sulis Import Solutions is delight to be adding value to clients registered on EcomMark's platform by offering our full range of Import Consultancy and International Supply Chain Management Services, with a focus on the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) compliance of global supply chains.

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