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World Ports: Fuzhou, China

Fuzhou Port acts as a national traffic hinge and is one of the trial direct routes to Taiwan, appointed by China’s Ministry of Communications.

The Port of Fuzhou is located in the middle of the Fujian coastline and at the hub of the Taiwan Strait, being just 149 Nautical miles from Keelung.

It is the only outlet in this area of China to many international sea trade routes and provides continuous service, without channel and tide limitations. As such, fifth and the sixth-generation container vessels can call in and out, load and discharge in all kinds of weather.

Port Data:

Name: Fuzhou


Type: Seaport

Country: China

Time Zone: GMT+8

Deadweight Restriction: -

Port Position: 26° 7' 0.01" N , 119° 28' 60.00" E

Nearest Airport: Fuzhou Changle International Airport

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