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World Ports: Keelung, Taiwan

The Port of Keelung, or Keelung Harbour, is one of Taiwan's two major ports, the other being Kaohsiung.

Keelung Harbour is situated on the northern end of Taiwan, at the confluence of the East China Sea and Taiwan Strait.

The port hub handles all types of cargo, serving the capital Taipei. With the rapid economic growth in Taiwan during the 1960s-70s, the Port of Keelung became one of the busiest ports in the world. In 1984, Keelung was the 7th busiest cargo port in the world.

Port Data:

Name: Keelung

Code: TWKL

Type: Seaport

Country: Taiwan

Time Zone: GMT+8

Deadweight Restriction: 30,000mt

Port Position: 25°9'26.5" N 121°44'22.5" E

Nearest Airport: Taipei Songshan Airport

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