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World Ports: Manila, Philippines

The next country we visit on our World Ports information series is the Philippines, starting with the country's largest and busiest harbour, the Port of Manila.

The Port of Manila refers to the collective facilities and terminals that process maritime trade function in harbours that serve the Metro Manila Area. It is located in the Port and Tondo areas of Manila, facing the Manila Bay. It is the largest and the premier international shipping gateway to the country and is composed of 3 major facilities, namely Manila North Harbour, Manila South Harbour and the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT).

It has a shoreline of 2km and is protected by some 3,048m of rock breakwater barriers, enclosing approx. 600ha of anchorage.

Port Data:

Name: Manila


Type: Seaport

Country: Philippines

Time Zone: GMT+8

Port Position: 14°35'48" N 120°15'16" E

Nearest Airport: Manila International (Ninoy Aquino International) Airport

Global Container Port Ranking 2020: 31st

Container Volume 2020: 4.43 Million TEUs

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