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World Ports: Shanghai, China

In 2010, Shanghai port overtook Singapore to become the busiest container port in the world.

The Port of Shanghai faces the East China Sea to the east, and Hangzhou Bay to the south. It includes the confluences of the Yangtze River, Huangpu River (which enters the Yangtze River), and Qiantang River.

In 2016, Shanghai set a historic record by handling over 37 million TEUs (i.e. 20Ft container loads). As China's major transportation hub, it has a total of 125 berths. Of these, 82 can accommodate 10,000 DWT class or higher vessels.

Port Data:

Name: Shanghai


Type: River Port

Country: China

Time Zone: GMT+8

Deadweight Restriction: 200,000mt

Port Position: 31°13'60.00"N, 121°28'60.00"E

Nearest Airport: Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Global Container Port Ranking, 2020: 1st

Container Shipping Volume, 2020: 43.5 Million TEUs

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